Our Cornerstone Partners


R-M is more than a premium paint brand. R-M operates as a genuine business partner and has been recognized as a major player in automotive refinish for almost a century. R-M’s colour competence is unparalleled, and the brand combines quality with ease of application and first-class customer service.


Baslac an easy-to-use range of high-quality refinishing products for all vehicle body repair jobs, at a more than competitive price. baslac benefits from BASF’s market-leading colour competence and coatings expertise. Improve the profitability of your bodyshop, without compromising on quality with baslac.


At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. BASF are experts in Automotive Coatings, and have unparalleled colour competence.

Why join forces with TIDAL?

The automotive industry has seen considerable change in recent years, impacting every segment of the market. Some products have become so overdistributed that value has been driven out of the brand.

This means either an alternative to the preferred brand gets introduced, or it sparks a price war which accelerates the “race to the bottom”. Both scenarios have a negative impact on brand image and loyalty.

TIDAL is a selling organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting selected brands in the national arena to ensure maximum sales potential and brand loyalty is achieved.

The benefits of becoming a TIDAL Cornerstone Partner

Given the challenging environment we find ourselves in, it’s vital to ensure we’re doing everything as an industry to help our continued growth. To support our cornerstone partners, TIDAL will be:

A national network built on trust and commitment

To be a part of the TIDAL alliance was a very easy decision for me as I could see the benefits from day one. TIDAL opens the door to a vast range of opportunities from networking to national deals, this strengthens our local business and gives us access to different market segments.

TIDAL now plays in key part in the development & growth of our business, with our customers & supply partners alike.

Daniel Belcher, Managing Director

The Car Paint Company Ltd